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The skinny fit may well be the best jeans for guys with big leg – that is guys who have big legs because they go to the gym a lot. Clinging to every curve and muscle, these jeans will show off all of that hard work and create a fantastic impression.

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Skinny Jeans - Guys. Hollister skinny jeans are legit the best things that ever happened to your wardrobe. No joke, the skinny jeans are one of our best-selling fits .
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Skinny Jeans - Guys. Hollister skinny jeans are legit the best things that ever happened to your wardrobe. No joke, the skinny jeans are one of our best-selling fits .
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Skinny Jeans for Men Having a tight fit is important when you are looking for the right fit for skinny jeans. This collection of men’s skinny jeans will keep you happy for a long time.

By mid Vogue was hailing "drainpipes", and The Strokes, synonymous with sharp trousers — though only Nick Valensi was wearing skinny jeans at this point — were the height of New York cool. A benchmark product of fast fashion, skinny jeans hit their stride just as the British high street became cool and celebrated. Yet they have actually proved remarkably … slow. Perhaps the answer lies in the place with the greatest density of skinny jeans a square metre.

Two middle-aged guys in dapper hats are sitting on a canal towpath, their legs — one pair in red skinny jeans, one in blue — dangling over the edge. Beside them, some cans of beer and a tin of Café Crème tobacco.

They seem to be performing the same job as one of those statues of seafarers found at the entrance to harbours: One of them gobs into the water. The snackers at the nearby food shacks are all in skinnies and the shoppers are too. So now for that game. In the first minute, 14 pairs of skinny jeans go past. Another 40 pass in both directions over the next three minutes. Then another 44 in two minutes. Over the next four minutes, That's in 10 minutes.

If this average were to hold, more than 1, pairs would cross this shopfront in an hour. Among those passing is Haleema Kukoyi, 24, who bought her jeans in Evans, the plus-size shop. Contrary to the instinct that skinny jeans give the self-conscious nowhere to hide, she likes them precisely because she has "weird-shaped legs and these work best for me.

Aminah Abdullah, 17, from Cologne, wears them "because they make your legs look skinny", even though her mother doesn't like them. Donna Watson, 26, and Ross Callender, 25, are both in smart, dark skinnies. She is a marketing manager for The Chimes shopping centre in Uxbridge, and he is a marketing manager for an insurance company. Can their marketing expertise explain the success of skinny jeans? Witness Hayley Carruthers, 42, who bought her first pair last week. Why wait all these years and then take the leap?

Skinny jeans are less a fashion choice than a default setting. We have come to see them almost as a blank canvas, a piece of clothing that has ceased to signify anything; come, in fact, almost not to see them at all. It is this invisibility that has enabled them to act as the vehicle for countless other mainstream trends of the past decade, the silent partner to a succession of high-fashion looks.

First they tucked neatly into boots early in the decade, when boots were all that women wore, or worked well with Converse when Converse were all that men wore. It was skinny jeans that made ballet pumps prolific , fetishising that little scooped-out bit of foot between shoe and hem, and later, with their cleanness at the ankle, acted as a curtain-raiser to hefty statement shoes.

They gave extra spike to handbags with hardware in and their narrowness at the ankle supplied the perfect counterpoint to those pointy shoulders that Balmain produced in Without skinny jeans there would have been no peplums. They were one half of double denim, and, chameleon-like, have changed their livery in keeping with fashion, morphing into high-waisted jeans, ripped jeans, embellished jeans, leather-panelled, corduroy, patterned, cropped, tattooed and coloured jeans.

They even swallowed up leggings into jeggings and shrunk the language of other clothing too. So scarves became skinny scarves. Thin ties were skinny ties, stilettoes skinny heels. These jeans should sit slightly below the waist and be slim throughout the hip and thigh. Choose spray-on skinny jeans. Spray-on skinny jeans are constructed mostly from stretch elastane, are tapered all the way down and have a very narrow ankle opening.

They are incredibly unforgiving and should only be worn by men who are very confident in their bodies. Avoid wearing spray-on jeans if you have a tall and skinny physique. They will only enhance how lanky you are. Choose the correct length and rise. Jeans should fall between the top of your shoe and your heel. Mix up the proportions. Skinny jeans cling to your body, so to balance that out, pair them with a loose and flowing top.

This will create an interesting visual balance, plus the top will afford you some coverage for your waistline and rear. Do not pair your skinny jeans with a short or tight top. To add some more sophistication to your outfit, add a fitted blazer or jacket that cuts off just below your hips. Add a pair of heels. Heels are the ideal shoe to wear with skinny jeans; they make your legs look longer and leaner in your jeans, plus, they lift your behind, which makes it look perkier.

They will make you look wider than you actually are. Pair your skinny jeans with booties for winter. Skinny jeans can be worn year round, but heels are not always the most cold-weather friendly shoe option. When the weather gets colder, swap your heels out for a pair of ankle booties.

Go for a classically edgy look with a white t-shirt and a leather jacket. Pair standard skinny jeans with tailored pieces. Standard skinny jeans are perfect to wear with almost anything — they go great with t-shirts, button downs and polos. But standard skinny jeans look best when paired with tailored pieces, like a nice jacket. For a more casual weekend look, wear an unbuttoned plaid shirt over a plain tee and complete the look with a pair of clunky boots.

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Men’s Skinny Jeans. For a lot of guys, skinny jeans are the number one choice. Consistently one of the most popular items of men’s clothing, skinny jeans have been a style staple for decades. Skinny Jeans - Guys. Hollister skinny jeans are legit the best things that ever happened to your wardrobe. No joke, the skinny jeans are one of our best-selling fits . Shop for men's skinny jeans at ASOS. Our skinny jeans for men are perfect for the fashion forward denim enthusiast. Add some cool to your wardrobe.