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O'Brien began hosting a new show in Letterman's old timeslot, taking over the Late Night name. Click Here Dave in comparison to: He stands his ground against a very tall man. Share Tweet Submit Pin. He's no more than 6'0" today and was probably max 6'1" peak or weak 6'1".

Oct 17,  · Phish playing 'Character Zero' on Letterman 03/05/ They had just returned from Europe and Trey and Jon look pretty shaggy. Judging by his size, Trey loo.
With the blizzard barring him Madison Square Garden, Louis C.K. appeared on 'Letterman' to talk
Mar 26,  · Other Facts: Letterman is the founder of the production company Worldwide Pants, which produced
This November, The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor salutes David Letterman. The program premieres Monday, November 20 at 9 p.m. ET on PBS .
Watch video · For the last time, David Letterman signed off from his late-night show on Wednesday night. Light on the jokes, but heavy on the graciousness, the Late Night host thanked his entire staff.
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Watch video · David Letterman's mother, Dorothy Mengering, died at the age of 95, a rep for the Letterman family confirmed to CBS News.. Mengering was a regular guest on The Late Show when Letterman was hosting.

Been watching Dave since before you were probably born and he was every bit 6'2" during the day and as mentioned before, 6'2. Today's he probably scraping 6'1" at 64 years old. He was taller than nadal who is 6 foot 1. A six footer cannot be taller than a person who is 6 foot 1.

Just look it up on youtube or something. He was slightly taller than bill cosby and cosby is 6 foot 1. I can live with cm. He never looked short. He always stands tall next to his guests. Just look at old footage. That photo is an anomily.

It doesn't make sense. He wears weird boat shoes on the show. Pretty much a flat sole. When he greets the guest you can see how tall he is. He is a tall old man with good posture. Rob, in the photo you have pasted above, Letterman only looks 2" taller at the most compared to Mr. In his show he is same height as sharapova, will smith, hugh jackman and slightly taller than cm ashton kutcher.

Sometimes he looks like a giant next to some musical guests. He was taller than jim carrey. He was clearly 11cm taller than cm charlize theron and 9cm taller than cm nicole kidman. The photo above that Rob posted is a much better indicator of Letterman's height than the Late Show because there's bound to be problems like camera advantage and angle on the show.

In the photo, we've concurred that Dave was just barely 6 foot, which means he's like 5' How old was that photo rob? No way he's 6 foot. I can live with cm but saying he is 6 foot is a joke. O'Reilly has said he is 6'4". To me, he is taller than Letterman by more than just 2". As for losing height with age: Letterman is 64 years old.

Dave clearly does not have 3. This is how someone with 3. In order for him to have been 6'2'', he'd have to have three and a half inches on Light, which he clearly doesn't have. The hat makes him look taller than he really is, it looks to me that in actuality he only has 1. He hardly ever looks tall either, I'd peg him at 5' Can look 6ft1 a lot nowadays and sometimes just under.

Was for sure 6ft2 in his prime. I would put Letterman at 6'-1". Is probably around 6'1" today give or take. Click Here Alan Light is nowhere near 5' Doesn't look it in his non-Celebheights pics. Larc 6 ft 1. How can David Letterman who was clearly an inch taller than Bill Murray, be listed as the same height as 6'1. Something clearly wrong here. I agree Murray should be downgraded to 6'1 Rob, he was clearly half an inch or more shorter than Letterman.

By 60 he must of lost some height right. He might be around 6 feet nowadays. Dave looks about 6'-6'1 next to him. Sampras is known to be 6' 1". Letterman looks an inch or two taller than Pete Sampras when they both walk over to the chef who is making them dinner see at 5.

The pic with Alan also shows that Letterman is between 6'-6'1 and not 6'2. If anything bear looked taller. She always claimed but I'm pretty sure from having known her, at the least she's rounding down she may be over BTW, she wasn't wearing heels! Letterman is the same height as Clinton. Both are a hair under 6'1. Letterman claims to be 6'2.

He's said it numerous times. I think the 6'1. A friend of mine stood next to him on the show and he towered over him. You said the same thing about Arnold S. These days looks a solid 6ft1. Glenn has said Letterman was possibly 6ft2 in his prime. He might be a strong 6'1 if not a bit more now because he looks similar height to Jim Carrey. David letterman is 6 foot 2. So i would say he's 6 foot 2 even though he doesn't look that tall on television.

Good talk show host. David Letterman looks a tad shorter than Jim Carrey so unless Carrey is actually 6'2. So definitely every bit og 6 ft 2 in. Thanks for the recount. He had on his collage type jacket and converse sneakers and he was no 6'2 ,I was 5' He seemed not even 6'1.

And he says he used to be more like 6'3" when he was younger. Eli, who is around 6'5" or so, towered over Letterman by a good ", and Dave looks to be about 2" taller than Colin Farell 5'10" was on Friday's show.

Especially when he stands next to Stallone, he doesnt like all that tall. Most people get shorter with age. I guess you can thank "Good O' Gravity" for that. Jim Carey has alway claimed to be 6"2" aswell.

I take it you stopped growing at 13 then? To say that a 60 year old man does not lose any height is just plain ignorant. Do some research and realize that we ALL lose height. Some say as early as Women lose more height than men due to osteoperosis. I lost a quarter of an inch between age 12 and 13, causing me to panic, thinking there'd be nothing left of me by the time I was in my sixties or seventies! LOL Lifestyle is also a very important factor.

Some people stop growing in their teens, some in their early twenties. Christopher Reeve famously gained a little over an inch when he was on a strict work-out regime before the first Superman movie.

In my family I had people who never lost height, well into their eighties, just lost weight. I also had people in my family who shrunk at an alarming speed. Diet and physical activity are major factors that help keep any aging process back for at least a while. He's pushing 60, is he not? I just turned 50, and I'm an inch shorter than my high school years at 5' 8".

Those old discs tend to start drying out and compressing at some point!! He's not old enough to lose any inches. He's exactly the same height as Jim Carrey. They showed them standing right next to eachother on a show a few years back. And Tony Parker is only 6'1" but appeared to be a little bit taller maybe when he was on Letterman. But Dave's still 6'2". Tom Shales said so about 10 years ago, and he was right on. Looked a couple inches shorter than Tony Parker tonight, whose listed at , I think Dave is still closer to though now, athlete's posture prob.

He couldn't care less about lifts. And who would, at cm. I agree with most posts here, about at his peak, around cm now. No shorter than that. When he walks it's like he's gonna take everything along with him kinda like a bulldozer ; those are long legs Who said he wears lifts here is drunk PS. I vote best personality on TV. Calvert Deforrest restin peace!! Besides Howard Stern told me Letterman is 5'9" tops.

May be he use;s shoe lifts everyone does. In RL on the streets he's tiny! Continuing with a six-week tryout at the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida , the idea continued to be a smash, with Butala being the lone consistent Letterman. After a few months, Clarke left the group and was replaced by Jim Pike. Pike and Butala decided to leave the Upstarts and form a new group although they had not yet decided to use the Lettermen name.

Pike envisioned a group where each member was an excellent soloist as well as a great group singer. Pike and Butala joined with the third Letterman, Bob Engemann, a singer that Pike had met when he attended Brigham Young University a few years earlier. Pike and Engemann had come to Los Angeles, California , and had sung together until Engemann had to go into the California National Guard for 6 months.

That's why Pike joined Bill Norvis and there met Butala. The combination of Pike, Engemann and Butala first recorded in They secured a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records through Bob Engemann's older brother, Karl Engemann, who was a record producer there, and for whom Pike had earlier released a record called "Lucy D", which was not successful. Karl Engemann years later became Marie Osmond's personal manager for many years.

They were not successful. He got them out of their contract at Warner Bros. About that same time there was a third group called the Lettermen Trio, headed up by Sammy Vandenburg, who also had no record success. But the "Lettermen" of Pike, Engemann, and Butala had the first hit record , so by law they were entitled to exclusively use the "Lettermen" name.

The Lettermen were unknown until they signed with Capitol Records in In , Jim Pike left the group because of vocal problems and sold the Lettermen name to Butala. In , The Lettermen started performing live concerts doing over shows a year, an unbroken string that continues to the present. Over the decades, the group has had various line-ups, replacing members who left for various reasons with new people to maintain a trio. Tony Butala has stated that the group ethos is that of three strong soloists that harmonize, and that the group encourages individual singing and songwriting.

Butala has also stated that the current combination of members, which includes Donovan Tea thirty years and Bobby Poynton eight years "is the best combination of voices, and best sounding group since the original trio.

They pride themselves in welcoming audience member photographs during the show as they sing Up, Up, and Away. Their enunciation and pronunciation in the language has developed over the decades that they have interpreted these love songs.

They attended the soundcheck and Lettermen Holiday Show with ticketed audience members in the casino showroom. This celebration was the 31st annual convention. Hundreds of Lettermen Society members and fans were invited to attend. Bobby Engemann died on January 20, in Provo, Utah, of complications from his December 13, heart bypass surgery. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In his first onstage appearance since his final "Late Show" in May , a bearded Letterman joked that he met Martin and Short at a "Scientology mixer. I was happy," the year-old said. Letterman reached into his suit pocket to take out an envelope, quipping, "Every suit I own comes with a Top Ten list. The list, titled "Top Ten Interesting Facts About Donald Trump," included multiple barbs about the former "Apprentice" star's hair and the presidential hopeful's controversial stance on immigration.

How about building a wall around that thing on his head? Even with all his wisecracks about Trump, the former talk show host also made sure to include a joke at his own expense. Martin commemorated one of Letterman's rare post-retirement outings by taking a selfie with his comedy pals.

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David Letterman is an American Television Host and Comedian. He is an Emmy Award Winner and known for hosting his own show: Late Show with David Letterman. T. Jan 23,  · Letterman Licensed to YouTube by WMG (on behalf of Atlantic Records); CMRRA, ASCAP, UBEM, UMPG Publishing, The Administration MP (Publishing), and 14 Music Rights Societies. Oct 17,  · Phish playing 'Character Zero' on Letterman 03/05/ They had just returned from Europe and Trey and Jon look pretty shaggy. Judging by his size, Trey loo.